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Discover a new way to manage food deliveries. Enjoy smooth operations, more control, and increased profits. Our innovative solutions work for restaurants, groceries, dark kitchens, and more.

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Streamlined Delivery, Lower Costs

Cut out commissions and trim labour expenses with MealShift. Benefit from a custom online ordering website, seamless order consolidation, and integrated delivery.

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Alleviate stress

Never miss a peak-time delivery. Scale faster without the headache of driver management.

Efficient food delivery to customers

Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Efficient delivery makes customers happy, leading to more repeat business and positive reviews!

A complete Online Food Delivery & Ordering Solution

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MealShift is here to revolutionize food delivery, giving back control to restaurants & drivers with a fair, flexible, margin-improving delivery solution.

The MealShift solution allows restaurants and groceries to reclaim power over their business through direct access to dedicated and reliable drivers available as required.

MealShift provides restaurants and groceries with all the tools to sell directly to their customers and manage their own deliveries.

flexible food delivery drivers

Fully flexible delivery

Our platform’s flexible model allows restaurants and groceries to engage dedicated drivers whenever you need them! Whether it’s for a single delivery, a single hour, last minute holiday cover, or regular shifts.

On-Demand food delivery drivers

Own Drivers & On-Demand

Optimize food delivery with our advanced food delivery software. Assign orders manually or automatically, blend your drivers with our on-demand fleet for peak times, track drivers, and monitor orders effortlessly.

personalised website with MealShift

Your Website, Your Rules

Get your personalised website with MealShift for commission-free online orders plus delivery or add our online ordering system to your existing site

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zero Commission food delivery

Fair rates, zero Commission

Fair hourly and per delivery rates, with zero commission. You can even choose to set your own rates.

Get started quickly and easily

No need to sign a contract, or even commit to a monthly plan. You only pay for the deliveries you make.

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Best Food Delivery Drivers

We can integrate with your POS to automate your deliveries.

Integrated Partners

Unlock Earnings: Join the MealShift Reseller Program Today!

Explore new earning opportunities with our Reseller Program. Connect businesses with MealShift’s innovative food delivery management software and earn up to 25% commission.

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Our presence

We’re expanding rapidly throughout the UK. These are some of the areas where we already have drivers.

Our presence

We’re expanding rapidly throughout the UK. These are some of the areas where we already have drivers.

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