Become a MealShift Reseller and Boost Your Earnings!

Are you passionate about connecting businesses with game-changing solutions? Join our reseller program and earn up to 25% of every sale by introducing MealShift to potential clients.

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Talented Sellers

You can start your own business instantly with no capital re-selling our solution.

Reach out to your local restaurants and get paid for each customer that you bring onboard.

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Are You Confident Talking To People

Our advanced booking solution allows you to plan and schedule shifts automatically using self employed drivers.

Introduce restaurants to our services and get your cut.

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Web & Marketing Experts

Are you a website developer? Are you helping restaurants generate traffic?

You can add our ordering widget to any website so customers can start ordering.

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IT Consultants

Do you help restaurants with their IT problems?

Get a paid for every client you recommend.

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Food Delivery Couriers

Reefer restaurants to use our services and get rewarded. If you’re a MealShift driver, email the support from your app and ask us for your unique referral code.

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Photographers & Printers

Recommend online ordering to your clients and make extra money and generate more business for yourself.

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Why Choose MealShift Reseller Program?

  • Lucrative Earnings: Earn up to 25% commission on every sale you generate
  • In-Demand Service: Businesses everywhere are looking to enhance their food delivery operations, and MealShift provides the perfect solution.
  • Flexible Approach: Work on your terms, at your pace. Be your own boss and build your income stream.

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How It Works:

  • Identify Potential Clients: Locate businesses seeking efficient food delivery solutions, whether it's restaurants, groceries, or dark kitchens.
  • Introduce MealShift: Showcase the benefits of MealShift's delivery management software to potential clients. Highlight how our platform streamlines operations and increases profits.
  • Earn Commission: For every successful sale made through your efforts, enjoy a commission of up to 25%.

Other Info

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