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A Comprehensive Food Delivery Solution for All Your Needs

Manage your Own Drivers?

MealShift offers a comprehensive delivery management solution tailored for businesses with in-house drivers. Track your drivers, provide customers with real-time tracking links, efficiently manage driver schedules and payments, and offer on-demand support during peak hours using our dedicated fleet

Using 3rd Party Drivers?

Goodbye high commissions! MealShift aggregates orders from Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo, automates driver assignments commission-free, and offers competitive rates. Reduce marketplace fees and share costs with customers.

Looking to Start Food Delivery?

If you're looking to launch a food delivery business, whether it's a restaurant, takeaway, or dark kitchen, MealShift offers a complete delivery solution. From creating your own website and app, to managing and delivering orders from all channels. We'll assist you in the setup process and offer continuous support throughout your journey.

End-to-End Food Delivery Solution

Efficient Order Processing Workflow with MealShift:

    Order received from Marketplace channels or direct channels such as own website or app.

    Orders are consolidated into one place and automatically sent for delivery.

    Delivery is created and order is assigned to a MealShift driver or client in-house drivers or combination of both.

    Order delivered to customer.

Our solutions

On-demand drivers, your way!

Access reliable drivers whenever you need them. Whether it's during peak hours, for holiday coverage, or a single drop, you're in control. Choose your drivers and you can even set your preferred rates.


Own website and app

MealShift offers a custom website and app for seamless customer orders, all at 0% commission and fully integrated with delivery. This allows you to retain loyal customers, trim commission expenses, and take greater control of your business.


Food delivery management

Enhance deliveries with our hybrid software. Adapt assignments from manual to auto-order, combining in-house and on-demand drivers efficiently. Use auto-boost for urgency and effortlessly track deliveries to elevate customer satisfaction.


Tailored Delivery Solutions

With MealShift's flexible solution, you can choose the most effective delivery method for your food service, whether it's Pay Per Drop, In-house drivers, Shift hire, or a combination of these, to optimize costs and enhance efficiency.


Client Success Stories: Hear Their Experiences

  • Awais Akram, Cravings: 'it's extremely customizable to your needs'
  • Awais Akram, Cravings: 'we are making a saving using MealShift'
  • Awais Akram, Cravings: 'not only it's efficient, it's actually cost effective'
  • Awais Akram, Cravings: 'we feel we've got a reliable partner and a reliable solution'
  • Awais Akram, Cravings: 'we've got more customers, and more sales'
  • Awais Akram, Cravings: 'our customer satisfaction has gone up and our reviews are much better'
  • Awais Akram, Cravings: 'It gives you all the tools you need to become more efficient'

Six Main Food delivery Challenges

Challenges Faced by Restaurants

  1. Driver dependency, uncertain daily demand, peak staffing costs.
  2. Compliance issues, holiday and absence coverage concerns.
  3. Surges in demand, late deliveries.
  4. Complaints, refunds, order tracking.
  5. High commission, quality control, multi-channel management.
  6. Delivery cost recovery, price inflation

MealShift solutions

  1. Access to independent couriers, automated overflow management, adept peak-time handling.
  2. Relieves compliance responsibility, covers holidays and staff absences.
  3. Ready courier pool, instant driver access.
  4. Reduced complaints, order tracking link.
  5. Commission reduction, enhanced control, streamlined multi-channel flow.
  6. Offset channel costs, maintain competitive pricing.

Our integrated partners

We've seamlessly integrated with popular aggregators and Delivery management systems like GloriaFood, Flipdish, Deliverect, Otter, Nash, and Foodhub. This allows us to offer you an automated and comprehensive ordering and delivery management system. We can efficiently handle deliveries from platforms such as Just-Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, as well as orders placed through your own online ordering system.

How to get started:

It’s so easy, simply register by installing the MealShift-Restaurant app to get started or contact us.

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