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Our platform allows restaurants to hire drivers for Shifts. Drivers are paid per hour plus for each delivery they make.

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Accept individual, on-demand orders from local restaurants and get paid a collection fee plus mileage.

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You decide when and where you work, and when you take time off! You’re the boss!

Excellent Pay:
Hourly & Per Delivery

Work smart, not just hard, and get paid fairly. With MealShift you can earn as much as £15 per hour.

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Make money by the hour or get paid by the order. With MealShift you can choose the Shift work or Pay Per Delivery option .

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We work with clients who appreciate and respect our driver partners’ professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

MealShift is a user-friendly platform that facilitates connections between restaurants and self-employed food delivery drivers through a convenient mobile app. Restaurants can post ‘Shifts’ for scheduled periods or individual deliveries when they require the services of delivery drivers. Drivers, in turn, have the flexibility to apply for these Shifts based on their availability. Once selected, drivers are contracted and compensated by our partner restaurants for the designated hours in the Shift and for each delivery they make.

Shift: As self-employed contractor hired for food delivery by our partner restaurants via MealShift, you are paid a fixed rate per hour and per delivery (which we call ‘drops’) for the Shifts you work. Earnings for a Shift will depend on the transport used and number of drops. You choose when you work – so the more you work, the more you earn! All earnings are subject to a service fee.
Typical rates for Shift work:

Transport Hourly rate Price/drop
Driver with car £10.50 + £1.50
Restaurant provides car £7.00 + £1.50
Driver with moped £9.50 + £1.50
Restaurant provides moped £8.00 + £1.50
Driver with a bike £8.50 + £1.50
Restaurants provides a bike £7.00 + £1.50

Pay Per Drop : You will need to set yourself ONLINE to receive Pay Per Drops. The pay is per pick up and per distance. Typically you would except  £2 per pick and £2 per mile, but this changes based on the volume.

Your earnings will be automatically sent to your bank account every week. You can also view and manage your earnings through the app.

The minimum age to partner with MealShift is 18 years old for bike and moped riders and 21 for car drivers.

You are required to have Business Use insurance that covers food delivery, as well as Hire & Reward cover for moped riders and car drivers. You don’t need insurance cover for bicycles or if the delivery vehicle is provided by the restaurant.

You need to be at least 18 years old and have the right to work in the UK. We made our onboarding process very simple and you can start working within hours. More information will be provided during registration.

As an independent contractor, it’s your responsibility to provide yourself with the following equipment that you will need:

– You’ll obviously need some wheels: This can be a car, moped or bicycle.

– Safety gear including a helmet and protective clothing if you’re riding a moped, and a helmet if you’re riding a bicycle.

– You’ll need a mobile phone; iOS or Android, which needs to be fully working, with mobile data. You’ll need to have your phone on and with you at all times when you are travelling to the restaurant for your Shift and throughout your Shift.

– It’s important to have a portable charger that you can carry with you, so your battery doesn’t run out during your Shift.

– You will need a high quality, insulated, thermal food delivery bag. if you don’t have one you can contact [email protected]

You can start delivering through MealShift as soon as you sign up and provide us with some information about you, which will be requested when you register and onboard in the app. Onboarding is super quick and easy – you could even start the same day if you provide all the correct information and have the equipment you need.

Contact-free pick up and delivery means riders can work without coming into direct contact with restaurant staff or customers, for their own safety and others around them. This usually means picking up orders without making direct contact with the restaurant staff and dropping off orders on the ground outside the customer’s door and stepping back at least 1 metre.

It’s completely up to you! You can use either your own car, moped or bike.

Alternatively, many of our partner restaurants and takeaways provide vehicles for drivers and riders to use.