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Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a restaurant, a takeaway, or meal prep provider, we have a delivery solution for you. You can choose to pay per hour or per delivery.

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Hire drivers for Shifts

Flexible Hiring

Flexible hiring

Get reliable drivers whenever you need them - for those peak hours, holiday cover, or business as usual! You can even choose how much you want to pay!

Plan your staff ahead!

Plan your staff ahead

We give you a pool of TranslationAlias-employed drivers and the tools to better plan your shifts ahead, so you’re never short of drivers and can focus on growing your business.


How Shifts work

  • You choose the hours you need and post the starting date and time in the app.
  • Pick a driver from the list that appears and confirm the order.
  • You can plan and schedule your Shifts for the whole month.
  • You can even choose how much you want to pay.

Pay Per Drop Model

Drop Model

Hire drivers for single deliveries

  • Are you doing less than two deliveries per hour?
  • Do you sometimes have that odd delivery order during peak time with no one to take, because all your drivers are busy?
  • Or you simply want MealShift drivers to make all your deliveries whenever they come?
  • Then Pay Per Drop could be the solution for you.

How Pay Per Drop works:

  • Restaurants can post orders manually through our MealShift-Restaurant app and pay per delivery by entering the delivery address and a driver will collect and deliver.
  • Or if you use our Online Ordering System or one of our integrated partners to receive your orders then these can be automatically assigned to the closest MealShift drivers who will collect and deliver them.
  • You can plan and schedule your shifts for the whole month.
  • The restaurant only pays the fixed collection fee per order plus mileage from the pickup point.

Orders from different channels

We have integrated with some POS and other Ordering & Delivery Systems such as GloriaFood, Flipdish and Deliverect in order to provide an automated and complete ordering & delivery management system. We can automatically manage your deliveries coming through Just-Eat, Uber Eat & Deliveroo or through your own online ordering system.


How to get started:

It’s so easy, simply register by installing the MealShift-Restaurant app to get started or contact us.

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