1. Weekly Automatic Transfer:
    • Every Sunday at midnight GMT, any balance from the week that hasn’t been withdrawn by the driver will be automatically transferred to their bank account.
    • The transfer process takes up to 5 days to complete.
    • No fees are charged for this automatic transfer.
  2. Instant Payout:
    • If you need your money more quickly, you can use the Instant Payout feature.
    • Make sure to initiate the Instant Payout before midnight on Sunday.
    • Any remaining balance will still be transferred automatically during the regular weekly transfer.

Instant Payouts allow you to transfer funds to an eligible debit card or bank account within minutes of a transaction. The fee for Instant Payouts is 1% of the payout amount. For example, if you have a payout amount of £100, the fee would be £1. There is a minimum fee of 50p for each Instant Payout transaction.