• For On-demand:  you set a pricking up price and price per mile.

Example: £2 pickup fee, and £1.50 per mile


Delivery that is 2 miles away will cost £2+ 2x£1.50= £5

Please note there is a minimum price set by the system, so if the price calculated based on your rates is lower than the minimum price, the minimum will apply.

  • Shift: If you are hiring drivers per shift, you need to set the hourly rates  plus the drop fee and per mile (optional)

Example: Hourly rate- £10, and £1.50 per drop, and £0.20 per mile. if you hire a driver for 2 hours and who does 6 deliveries. Let’s assume all 6 deliveries were 2 miles away.


Total hourly price is £20,  plus (£1.5+ 2miles*0.20)*6=£11.40

Total Shift cost: £20+£11.40= £31.40