Nash is an all-in-one reliable delivery platform designed to streamline and manage last-mile delivery operations for businesses. It offers efficient order tracking, seamless integration, customizable approaches, and impactful results. Nash users have increased their delivery volume by 2.5x, and it operates across all 50 states in the US and Canada. Explore Nash and enhance your business’s delivery capabilities with confidence!

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How you can configure MealShift for Nash

How you can configure MealShift for Nash

Here’s how you can configure MealShift with Otter:

  1. Contact Nash and request your unique location ID for connecting with MealShift.
  2. Log in to your MealShift Client Dashboard:
  3. Navigate to Integration and create a new one.


Add you store ID to complete the integration and save.

Please follow these steps and let me know if you need further assistance. Happy dispatching!