Flexible solutions tailored to meet your specific needs

Whether you’re a restaurant, a food store or a chain, we can help you manage your food delivery service and save you money.

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Customer retention

MealShift enables restaurants and other food delivery businesses to enhance and develop their business through direct relationships with their customers.

Multiple branches

Chains can hire drivers to service multiple branches. We can integrate with your POS system and/or online ordering system.

Plan ahead

No more headache, trying to find drivers at the last minute. With MealShift restaurant managers can schedule Shifts of weeks or even months.

Choose your own rates

You can use the MealShift platform for free, all you pay for is your delivery charges. Businesses can even choose how much they want to pay.

We can integrate with your POS

We can integrate with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system to automate the delivery flow and make it easier for your customers to order food.

If you are using any of our integrated partners, you can select us as your delivery partner to do your deliveries. You can select which orders you want us to do and which ones your drivers can do.

For all integration enquiries, please contact our partnerships team at [email protected]