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Billing & Payments

Learn how to receive payments for your MealShift platform jobs.

How to verify your stripe account

  From home screen, go to profile   From earnings, click on manage   Click on the profile symbol and go to Platform settings   Go to Personal details Upload a valid identification document and click submit , and your stripe account will get verified


How to add your bank detail?

Connecting to Stripe and adding your bank detail. From home screen, go to to profile   From earnings, press “connect with stripe”   Go to Type of business and select “Individual/Sole Trader” entity option   Ignore the website and add a product description instead   Add a description of your job: Food delivery courier   Continue to add you personal and bank detail.  


Updating Your Bank Details

Step-by-Step Guide: Updating Your Bank Details on MealShift   Open your MealShift account and go to your profile.   Click on “Manage”   Locate and select your profile avatar on the right-hand side. Scroll down to find “Payout Details.”   Press on the cross icon next to “Add an Account.” Finally, add the bank details that you’d like to switch to.   Follow these steps to successfully update your bank details on MealShift.